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We are pleased to welcome you in our shop. Here we offer you not only a wide product range of innovative and high-quality machines and equipment for the construction and DIY sector, but also a reliable service with service hotline and support system. In order to be able to offer you, the customer, excellent quality products at fair prices, you will find in our shop, in addition to an extensive area for LESCHA and ATIKA spare parts, also in the categories of new goods and 2A goods, other articles from well-known manufacturers of the ALTRAD Group, such as BELLE, HOFMANINGER, FORT and LIMEX. Our product range is as comprehensive as your requirements: Whether you are a professional craftsman or a DIY handyman, our continuously growing and expanding portfolio offers you the best opportunity to find the right tool for your purposes.

Our products are powerful as well as safe and easy to use. Their robust construction always guarantees a long service life.

Whether battery-powered or lithium-ion batteries, small or large concrete and mortar mixers, light and electric or heavy and diesel-powered vibratory plates, transport equipment e.g. Sack trucks and wheelbarrows or large-volume mini-dumpers, tools for gardening such as hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, scarifiers or leaf vacuums, the chain saw, brush cutter or garden shredder, equipment for woodworking and wood processing, from the small band saw to the large table and construction circular saw or rocker circular saw, horizontal log splitters with 4 tons or vertical log splitters with 14 tons splitting force, in our LESCHA ATIKA Shop you will find all this and many more items for your needs.